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New York Round Midnight Orchestra

New York Round Midnight is one of the hottest jazz productions of the moment in which you will experience the exciting nightlife in the renowned clubs around Broadway, New York, in the golden era of jazz. A group of exquisite musiciansfrom the cream of the Dutch jazz scene will take you back to the heyday of jazz, a vibrant world full of thrilling music and compelling stories about love, desire, joy and despair. With this magnificent theatre show you can enjoy some hard-swinging jazz classics, meet the historical jazz figures who brought them into being and feel how vivid and urgent this music still is for today.

Upcoming Shows

Event Schedule
Date Line-up Location
08.12.24 NYRM Small version Crooners Night Club ft. Baer Traa Amare Den Haag
01.12.24 NYRM Small version Crooners Night Club ft. Baer Traa Theater de Tuin Leusden
13.10.24 NYRM Small version Crooners Night Club ft. Graziella Hunsel Rivero Theater de Tuin Leusden

International Line-up

Alexander Beets

Ben van der Dungen

Peter Beets

Deborah j. carter

Izaline Calister

miguel Rodriguez

Rolf Delfos

Marius Beets

ellister van der molen